$249.00 USD

1-on-1 Coaching Session

If you're feeling unsure about what step to take next in business or creativity, you're in the right place.

We've all been there - feeling stuck or self-conscious about our work, how to handle a client or just find a good one. You can read blogs and listen to podcasts for hours trying to get inspiration or answers and still be left feeling like you're out on your own.

If only you could just ask somebody...

Now you can!

In The 1:1 Coaching Sessions I can help you:

  • Understand how you fit in your current market space, how you appear to clients, collaborators, or job prospects.
  • Learn real strategies for finding new clients in an authentic way that doesn't feel like marketing.
  • Get paid more, handle difficult clients with your chin up, and learn to protect your time.
  • See your portfolio in a new light, and learn to make intentional decisions about what to show.
  • Figure out the best solution to tough retouching problems or tough client requests.

What you get with The 1:1 Coaching Session:

  • Pre-session email and review of portfolio, files, creative or business goals.
  • 1 hour video call
  • Full recording of the call
  • Notes and any supporting materials or files
  • Follow up email access
  • Discounted follow up "Booster" Call as needed

I've helped countless photographers, retouchers, designers, and creatives of all kinds navigate the creative and business landscape.

Sign up today and we'll figure it out!!